Sunday, January 29, 2012

Beeline Lao Internet Traffic Analysis

Beeline Lao AS Number is 55511In 2011, Beeline Lao entered Laos as VimpelCom Lao, replacing former Tigo

Beeline Lao has two Thai upstream providers: CAT Telecom (AS 9931) and True International Gateway (AS 55554). The reason why Beeline is connected to two different ISPs is more likely the resiliency. Indeed, if one Internet Service Provider goes down, Beeline can provide continuity of service to its subscribers by using the other International internet connection.

As we can see above, the connectivity of these two ISP is very good. Beeline Lao International upstream connectivity provides its subscribers resilient and powerful Internet.

Internet censorship:

  • CAT Telecom: We have already mentioned that CAT Telecom filters and censors some websites (see Planet Internet Traffic Analysis).
  • True Internet Gateway: It has not been noticed any site filtered or blocked on True Internet Gateway. From the tests completed on Beeline Internet connection, it seems Beeline is using True Internet Gateway as the default route for Internet. Then Beeline avoids the filtering system of CAT and can provide a full uncensored browsing experience to its subscribers.

True Internet Gateway is part of True Corporation Public Company Limited (TRUE) which is a communication conglomerate in Thailand. True controls Thailand's largest cable TV provider True Visions, its largest ISP True Internet and its third-largest mobile operator True Move.

Source: WikipediaHurricane Electric BGP Toolkit

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