Saturday, January 21, 2012

Internet is just a big spaghetti plate

Internet in Laos 2G 3G 4G Wimax DSL Fiber

In Laos, 99.9% of the Internet traffic is international as there is mainly no content hosted in the country. 
Thus, the upstream ISP connectivity (the international carrier that connect each local ISP to the rest of the world) is critical and key for a good customer experience.
The main upstream service providers used in Laos are from:

Most of the local ISPs are also connected to the NAPT network (LANIC) and sending part of their traffic to the Lao government.
What is analysed, listened or filtered in the NAPT network is not known but it is certainly a point of concern. 
As of today, based on our analysis, only Beeline does not send any traffic to the NAPT and then can be considered a safe ISP for the privacy of your data communications. For the other ISPs (Planet, LTC, ETL, Unitel), we recommend using a secured https session everytime you exchange data with the rest of the world. 
In the next articles, we will analyse more in details the international connectivity of each ISP. 

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