Monday, January 9, 2012

SMTP Blacklisting Ranking

A spam black list is a list of IP addresses and domains of known spam e-mail servers. Black lists are used to block all e-mail that comes from certain servers on the Internet that have been identified 
What happens if your ISP gets blacklisted?
  • In the best case, your emails will be tagged as [SPAM]
  • In the worst case scenario, your emails will be simply dropped by the remote mailserver without any notification.

ISPASStatusProvider has total IP'sLevel 1 listed spammers within the last 7 daysLevel 3 Escalation limit by Level 1 records
LTC9873LISTED24576117 (0.476 %)100
ETL10226ATTENTION Increased Listingrisk819237 (0.452 %)100
Planet23900ATTENTION Increased Listingrisk204833 (1.611 %)100
Unitel (Star Telecom)131267LISTED9216390 (4.232 %)100
Beeline55511NOT LISTED20483 (0.146 %)100

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