Saturday, January 28, 2012

Unitel (Star Telecom) Internet Traffic Analysis

Unitel AS Number is 131267.

As we can see, the unique international upstream provider of Unitel (Star Telecom) is Viettel (AS 7552). Viettel is a Vietnamese state-owned mobile network operator. Unitel (Star Telecom) is the joint venture between Viettel Global Joint Stock Company (Viettel Global) and Lao Asia Telecom (LAT). Main reason why Unitel is buying 100% of its bandwidth from Vietnam. 

Actually this is not exactly true... Thai contents being extremely popular in Laos (it is said that 70% of the international traffic of Laos is pointing to Thailand), Unitel (Star Telecom) also purchase domestic Thai bandwidth from CAT Telecom. This cannot appear on the chart as the Unitel subnet is not advertised out of Thailand by CAT Telecom.

Viettel connectivity to the outside world is very good. This could be a solid partner to Unitel (Star Telecom), providing quality bandwidth to Laos. Unfortunately, Internet censorship is present in Vietnam and is also affecting the Unitel (Star Telecom) subscribers.

The censorship in Vietnam targets:

  • Subversive contents 
  • Social Networking (Facebook) 
  • Blogging 

 Source: WikipediaHurricane Electric BGP Toolkit

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