Saturday, February 4, 2012

ETL Internet Traffic Analysis

ETL AS Number is 10226ETL, Enterprise of Telecommunications Lao is a 100% State-Owned Enterprise which all of its operations are supervised by the National Authority of Posts and Telecommunications (NAPT). 

ETL has two upstream providers, CAT Telecom and China Telecom. This dual connection brings full resiliency to the operator. IP transit protection but also transmission protection within Lao PDR. Indeed, the China Telecom point of interconnection (POI) is more likely situated in the north of Laos and the CAT Telecom POI in Vientiane (Friendship Bridge).

Connectivity of both upstream ISPs is very good allowing ETL to provide a resilient and powerful Internet connection to its subscribers.

Internet censorship:
  • CAT Telecom: We have already mentioned that CAT Telecom filters and censors some websites (see Planet Internet Traffic Analysis).
  • China Telecom: Everybody is aware of the Golden Shield Project or Great Firewall of China, the biggest censorship and surveillance machine in the world. That does not apply to China Telecom international IP Transit. From our benchmark, we have not noticed any website filtered on China Telecom. ETL can then avoid any censorship from CAT Telecom by pointing up the outbound routing stream to China Telecom.

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